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Are you looking for a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and competent care from a dentist you can trust? You've come to the right place! Midwest Dental has been caring for families in the Lincoln area for over 30 years. You won't have to worry about who the dentist will be on your next visit. Dr. Gurga will be here to help you achieve your dental goals. We believe that every patient is unique and that one size does not fit all. Our new patient experience includes a one on one consultation with Dr. Gurga that allows you to understand your dental condition and that will help you achieve your dental goals. You will make informed choices about your dental needs, treatment options, and costs. We want you to be confident that you will be able to achieve your goals of comfort, function, and appearance. Your smile is one of your greatest assets! Why not make it as healthy and attractive as possible?

We offer a full range of services to help you achieve your perfect smile: from cleanings and checkups to crowns and tooth-colored fillings, tooth whitening, root canal treatments, braces, and periodontal (gum) management.

One of our greatest joys is having the opportunity to meet and treat the children and grandchildren of our patients. We appreciate the confidence our patients show by referring family members and friends.

To make an appointment or to have your questions answered, please contact our office.

Don't like surprises? Neither do we!

We do a complete diagnosis and treatment plan, then sit down and explain your dental condition to you before treatment. That way you know what treatment is needed and what it will cost before you sit in the dental chair.

Don't like waiting?

We think it is rude to make people wait unnecessarily, so our office is committed to staying on time. We see 95% of our patients within 5 minutes of their appointment time. That way your valuable time is not wasted.


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Dr. Lee Gurga designing an all-ceramic crown on the CEREC 3.

Dr. Lee Gurga explaining treatment to a patient.

Dr. Gurga in the News

Dr. Gurga volunteers for Hopemobile

Lee Gurga: this dentist makes you say “aha”

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